Golden Otter



Educator, Host, Medium



It's no accident that you're here and the totally random way you found this conscious living platform is not a coincidence. You and I are sharing a consciousness in this physical reality that we call life on earth and it's time we meet.

I'm that teacher you had in high school who listened to your hopes and dreams and cheered you on every step of the way (while secretly trying to teach you history).  I'm that cross country coach who challenged you to run sprints but said yes to swimming in the surf on the way back because life is too short to miss an opportunity for spontaneity. 

And I'm that friend that talks to "dead people" and wants to teach you how to do the same thing, because the reality is, we are all born with the same abilities as spiritual beings having a human experience.





While my professional background is in education, my private life is why you're here today. I am a medium, hiding in plain sight and I have a passion for teaching, inspiring, and healing others in all facets of life. That includes giving you the tools to know you are not imagining things and truly are communicating with your loved ones from the other side of life (yes, that includes animals and babies :).

For years I would make idle chit chat, as friends and strangers alike would reveal their joys and heartache to me expressing pain that their loved one wasn't there to experience it with them. All the while patiently waiting for a moment in the conversation when I could politely mention that their grandma who they loved so much and always supported them isn't really gone.  She was right beside them all along, opening the right doors at the perfect times while sending blessings and signs from heaven. 


The "dead" don't do small talk. When they want our attention, they are persistent and will go to great lengths to get us to listen. Ever turned on the radio and heard their favorite song, or felt like the lyrics were literally speaking to you? They were. That was them.  



I'm not here to prove to you that your loved ones are still around, gently guiding and sending protection your way.  I'm here to validate those moments you can't logically explain away. 


I don't do cold reads, I don't approach strangers on the street, and I don't entertain curiosity seekers.  I'm a dedicated wife, mother, and professional educator.  I just happen to understand the lexicon of communicating with souls that no longer physically reside on earth.


I tried to find a way to gently communicate what I do to other people, searching for a language that explained the unexplainable. I was fearful of my abilities and fearful of what others would think. Growing up in a small Alaskan town I had no knowledge of what mediums were beyond the glimpses I would catch on tv after school.


Yet as I've traveled this beautiful world of ours searching for answers to explain why it is that "what I do" isn't a more normal thing, I've discovered that mediumship is not a phenomenon that only happens on mountain tops in Peru or in the presence of gurus on a stage. It's something we all can do when we are willing to open our selves up, embrace our vulnerability, and acknowledge that we know far more than we are willing to give ourselves credit for.



I spent my youth like most Alaskan kids, playing outside under the midnight sun of summer and the dancing northern lights of winter. Where I got my real education however was following my physician mother around as she tended to people from all walks of life. Watching her provide the same level of meticulous medical care for elderly pioneers and metaphoric gold speculators alike taught me that each and every life has value beyond measure.  Seeing her provide intuitive medical care that got to the root cause of a person's illness always amazed me but was something I took for granted assuming everyone had this same ability.  She was treating their bodies but mending their hearts and souls along the way. 


While the daily lessons in compassion and understanding I gained by watching my mother were invaluable, the subtle enlightenment I received was from her thousands of patients over the years.  I would sit for hours with elderly patients talking about their life journeys, what comes next, and why many were not afraid. Eventually, I started to understand what they were trying to tell me.  Life doesn't end just because our physical bodies are finished living. 

Life goes on... and on... and on.


Whether it was on a house call, where my mother helped give grieving families peace during their loved ones final moments as they passed to the other side or quietly sitting with a patient in their final days, I absorbed more about life and the transition that some call death than I ever could have imagined. That gift is something I have taken for granted and why I want to share it with you.



As a certified health coach and practicing medium I hold space for intuitive transformation through guided educational sessions via my Lunar Manifestations members forum and my Radio Show.


In plain speak: I help educate you on how to connect to your soul and to those of your loved ones in Spirit so that you can reach them whenever you wish.

I hold a Masters in Secondary Education and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with a focus on Conflict Resolution, Human Rights, and Peace Studies. I am a proud Army wife, mother, and lifelong educator with over a decade of professional teaching experience and I'm here to help you manifest your dreams by connecting to your loved ones in spirit.