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Be the Change

Your Golden Investment

Your investment as a Lunar Manifestations Moon Circle membership allows us to say YES to providing new micro grant opportunities in Malawi, Africa that support female entrepreneurship, infant crisis nurseries, school building and sustainable garden planting programs in local villages to provide on-going food security and self sustainability. 


Golden Otter Divinations is a social purpose company whose enduring reason for being is to create a better world.


Our company serves to be an engine for good by creating social benefits through the act of conducting business seeking to tie our company growth directly to our ability to be a positive force multiplier in a global society.

Your generosity and dedication to building a more inclusive, fair, and sustainable world that celebrates our diversity and the strength of the human spirit is what allows us all to BE THE CHANGE we wish to see in the world.​

10-50% of all Lunar Manifestations Member purchases go to community funding endeavors.

Be the Change 

Image by Ninno JackJr

Golden Otter Divinations


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Be the Change

Your Golden Investment

Meet Joyce

Joyce is a 19 year old student from  Malawi who was studying for her college entry exams when COVID-19 struck, closing all public institutions in Malawi indefinitely. 

Following her single mother's proven path for financial independence through entrepreneurship Joyce started a private tutoring business supporting families with young children through social distance reading lessons. 

Her business continues to grow, despite the severe economic downturn in the nation due to the pandemic and she plans to continue tutoring to pay for college when schools reopen as she pursues a career in journalism.

Your Lunar Manifestations Membership provides micro grant opportunities supporting female entrepreneurship and financial literacy training in Malawi, Africa.

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