Ritual Guides

Divination tools to help you bring your lunar manifestations to fruition!

  • Lunar Almanacs

    Trace the path of the moon every 29-30 days as it orbits the earth and cycles from one new moon phase to the next.
  • New & Full Moon Calendar

    Complete dates and times for the 2019 New & Full Moons
  • Lunar Phases

    Trace the eight lunar phases of the moon as it cycles from one new moon to the next.
  • New Moon Intentions

    Set your New Moon intentions!
  • Full Moon Harvest

    Monitor and enjoy the intentions you set at the New Moon!
  • Lunar Cycles Guide

    A Guide to Manifesting by the Lunar Cycles
  • The Game of Life

    Full Moon Intention Setting for Health, Wealth, Love, & Perfect Self Expression
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Divine Spirit, I open myself to the flow of increased prosperity in my life.

I surrender all limitation and doubt which act as a barrier to the acceptance of my birthright of universal abundance for myself and all with whom I am united in this intent. 

Increase for us by all positive means the expression of our Divine inheritance.

I come now in strength to produce in me and for all the unexpected abundance made possible. 

Assist us as we fulfill our purpose by the combined energy of our united intention.

So it shall be now, and forevermore.