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Follow the Golden Rule

Code of Conduct for Members

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is the guiding principal of this sacred place we are sharing and co-creating within. As a member please do your best to...


Be Kind.

There is a zero tolerance policy for negativity, bullying, or toxic energy as this is a forum for uplifting, encouraging, and supporting your fellow travelers on this journey we call life in the physical.


Be Generous.

As we seek to manifest more abundance in our lives, realize that giving is just as important as receiving. Give generously when you can of your positive and specific praise and encouragement for other circle members and know that energy will return to you multiplied.


Refrain from Judgement.

No one likes being judged or to feel unwelcome. Each person is unique and beautiful with something essential to offer the group. This is a space created with love, for the purpose of multiplying and spreading love. Please treat everyone with the same unconditional platonic acceptance you would hope to receive when revealing your authentic self to another. Differences of opinion are a blessing that allow us the space to examine our own beliefs. If you experience contrast or have an opposing viewpoint to share, please do so from a place of compassion with the same respect and honor you would hope to receive.


Keep it Drama Free.

Save the drama for another llama, mama! This is a circle up not spiral down zone. We're here to co-create by building each other up, not tearing each apart. As the adage goes "if you can't say something nice, it's best not to say anything at all." This is especially true in the manifestation mindset and includes other programs, teachers, or people (public or personal). Using examples to explain or clarify a point is acceptable when the ultimate intent is for the positive upliftment of all involved. Often the things, places, and/or people who frustrate us most in life are our most valuable teachers.



Due to the nature of the members only forum and our policy of elected anonymity, honoring each others privacy is an essential component of the group dynamic. The spiritual foundation of anonymity provides protection for all members from outside identification and safeguards the sacred space for past, present, and future members. In the vibrant and interconnect technological era we are all co-creating within, we respect that some members may not wish for their names or stories to be shared outside of the group. While we highly encourage members to freely and publicly share their own journeys, we discourage the specific sharing of others as it may inadvertently break anonymity. All members are responsible for ensuring their own anonymity as well as honoring that of others. If uncertain, ask the moderator. In this case it is always better to ask for permission than beg for forgiveness as privacy in the modern era is one of the last true commodities.


Violation of these term is grounds for immediate removal from the forum without refund.

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