You're One Moon Away from Living your Dream Life
Manifest Abundance Now
Connect to Source and harness the power of the moon to bring your dream life into reality!

The Lunar Manifestations Moon Circle is a safe community where you will learn to raise your vibration as you develop your innate spiritual gifts. Feel the power of belonging, surrounded by a circle of fellow Lightworkers, supporting you on your journey of personal growth and healing as a spiritual being having a human experience!

The moon circle is a sacred space to explore the messages your Spirit Team has for you. This is your space to tune in with your Inner Being so you are in alignment with your AUTHENTIC SOUL SELF allowing you to easily attract all that you desire.

Doors are only open for the 3 days leading up to the New Moon!

Join the waitlist and be notified when enrollment opens.

Is Lunar Manifestations right for me?

What's included in the membership?


If you regularly wonder about your life's purpose...

Feel like you can never HAVE enough, DO enough, or BE enough...

Then the Lunar Manifestations Moon Circle is the place for you.

It's also for you if you desire

More prosperity and abundance in your life
Improved health and wellbeing
Deeper, more loving intimate relationships
Soul level healing

It's also for you if you if..

you're familiar with the law of attraction, yet

It's not working for you
You're not happy using it
Or you're not manifesting consistently


you know you have a spirit team

But you don't know how to...

Consistently communicate with your Spirit team
Decode the messages they are sending
Utilize your innate spiritual gifts to manifest a life you love
If you're ready to stop wishing and start living the abundant life of your dreams, then the Lunar Manifestations Moon Circle is for you!
Full Moon
New Moon
When you join Lunar Manifestations Moon Circle, you'll learn to develop your innate spiritual gifts and embrace your full potential, letting things happen FOR you, rather than TO you! Here's how...
  • A year of one-of-a-kind rituals delivered to your inbox at every new & full moon to:
  • Heal your heart after loss
  • Increase your prosperity
  • Improve your health
  • Sync up with your Spirit Team
  • Magnetize your soulmate/twin flame
  • Live in abundance
  • And more!
  • Live members only Q & A ceremony calls with Autumn at the new & full moon
  • Elected anonymity policy for confidential sharing & exploring
  • Be the first to know when Autumn opens her seasonal calendar for private 1:1 sessions and enter yourself or your loved ones into "Autumn's Love Offerings Waitlist" for the chance to have a free private session with Autumn as part of her commitment to giving back to the community.
  • Bi-monthly video lessons on how to manifest with the natural cycles of the moon while exploring your personal spiritual gifts
  • Practical health coaching lessons, tips & tools that bring the metaphysical down to earth for you to live a vibrant, healthy life
  • A year of new Mediumship & Divination tools, tips & tactics to quickly get you connected to your Spirit Team and into the quantum field, effortlessly manifesting a life you love!

Total annual Value over $5000

Lunar Manifestations is such a vibrant and positive space with beautiful bi-weekly new and full moon rituals, ceremonies and so much more for us to explore! You clearly have a gift for mediumship and how to teach others how to use it in their own lives as well.

Brian, Clairvoyant Medium, Virginia

Lunar Manifestations is perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced spiritual seekers as you meet each of us exactly where we are with our intuition and spiritual gifts. Your health coaching certification, mediumship training, and teaching background bring theory to life!

Rev. Funk, Clairvoyant Medium, Pennsylvania

Dreams do come true! Here are my lunar manifestations thanks to you: I sold my car to the perfect buyer for the perfect price!

Michelle, Teacher, Kansas

Was I just 'ready'? Was it just the 'right time' for me? I don't know, but here's what I do know. Participating in Autumn Seibel's New Moon Intention Setting Ceremony had a big impact on me, my work, and therefore, my life.

Susan, Author, New York

The private new moon intention planting ceremony with Autumn is what I came for...
The monthly content teaching me to connect to my spirit team is why I stay.

Crystal, Business Owner

Hey there gorgeous friend! I was just reading the latest new moon ritual post smiling at the magic you're creating for us! I love the rituals you share and am honored to be a part of this journey together. Just thought I'd share a little love.


My phone butt dialed you, but I have to share the story. I was totally thinking of you when I heard ringing on my phone in my pocket. I was thinking of you because I set my intention last month to have a specific sales figure for July and each day, I feel like I'm reeling because I am sooooo close already and it's not the end of the month yet!!! How do I do this year round?! Lol

Bonnie, Business Owner, Maryland

Autumn is such an amazing healer! What I love about her is that she keeps her energetic level very high so that only the purest energies come through.

Lydia, Energy Healer, Paraguay

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