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Only You Can Choose Your Path Lightworker...

Past Life



  Pay as you go 

(or pay 12 months upfront and SAVE $888)

You're In! Here are the details.

Present Life



  One Payment of  

(or pay for lifetime access & SAVE annual price increases)

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Future Life



 One Payment. Period. 

(lifetime access to all updates, all upgrades, all optimizations. Forever.)

 Private 1:1 Session

with Autumn


You're In! Here are the details.

My Global Commitment as a 4th Generation Female Business Owner

Every member of the Lunar Manifestations circle helps us to Be the Change with 10% of proceeds from your member plan going to support community building endeavors in rural Africa aimed at addressing global inequalities. 

Your investment as a Lunar Manifestations Moon Circle membership allows us to say YES to providing new micro grant opportunities in Malawi, Africa that support female entrepreneurship, infant crisis nurseries, school building and sustainable garden planting programs in local villages to provide on-going food security and self sustainability.


One of the past life lessons I bring from my decade as a public high school teacher and 1/2 decade working for the U.S. Federal Government in South America and Africa is that it takes a village to raise a child, no matter where on this earth that village dots the landscape. Golden Otter Divinations® is a social purpose business that exists for the sole purpose of fostering your ability to BE THE CHANGE you wish to see in the world by activating your purchasing power, allowing those dollars to flow to the most vulnerable among us.

365 Day No Questions Asked Rebate Policy

For Annual and Lifetime Moon Circle Members

We get it. Sometimes things don't work out and vibrational matches dissolve. That's a natural part of the relationships we cultivate as spiritual beings having human experiences. If for any reason you decide the Moon Circle isn't for you, you may email us to request a FULL rebate on your membership and 100% of the proceeds we would have otherwise retained under our previous NO REFUND policy will go to a 501(c)(3) registered cause or charity of your choice. Include the links to their payment portals in your rebate request and we will issue an immediate payment to them in your name and send you the tax deferral letter to file with your annual giving statements.

For every member who joins Lunar Manifestations we spend roughly 1/4 to 1/2 the price of your membership to send our moonbeams out into the Universe, calling you to the Moon Circle.  While I may be a medium, manifestation momma and rising Lunar Goddess, I still haven't been issued approval codes from intergalactic beings to telepathically send you mental pings letting you know when doors are open.

Trust me, I've been requesting access to this system for years. soon as I find the hack, I'll let you know!

Should you not have a preferred cause/charity please consider issuing your rebate to A Home For Every Orphan in honor of Captain Micala Hicks Siler. Golden Otter Divinations® creator Autumn Seibel will match the amount of your rebate with a personal donation in the names of Micala's daughters Kiera, Noelle, Cheyenne, and Natalie. Our commitment to this fund (in addition to any rebate matches) is $500 as of December 19th, 2020. It is our guiding desire to double the dollar amount each year for a 2030 annual giving goal of $512,000.00

Micala lived a life for others, attending West Point, serving in the Army, raising a beautiful family, and running a nonprofit focused on helping orphans and disenfranchised children find safety and love with forever families in their country of birth. She and her husband, Jason, were living with their four daughters in Kyiv, Ukraine when she died.

While the events surrounding her death are still under investigation, the beauty of her soul lives on.

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