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Activate Real Magic in Your Life: Dean Radin on Science, Consciousness, and Magical Thinking

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

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Everybody is interested in magic! 🧿

Just go to the movies or look at television and you'll see that about half the content has to do with magic in one way or another. 🎪

Though real magic is a far cry from the fictionalized version we see on screen and in fantasy novels, it's clear that magic has had a perennial appeal to people throughout history. In this episode of Golden Otter Divination, Dean Radin is joining me to talk about Real Magic — which is the title of his most recent book, but also the topic of this podcast episode: how to incorporate real, practical magic into our everyday lives.🧙🏻

From its prologue, this book immediately captivated me with its imaginative story of a future where mischievous teenagers play pranks by using magic to manifest street lights that gobble up passerby's and teleport them to other neighborhoods.💡 It feels like it could be a Harry Potter for adults, but Real Magic is much more than just imaginative stories — it's also an in-depth, scientific look at the history of esoteric thought and an exploration of magic as a real application of an esoteric worldview (just as technology is an application of a scientific worldview). It's the very definition of "where the metaphysical meets the mainstream." 🌈

Just as Hermione Granger relies on book study and traditional knowledge to hone her magical practice in the Harry Potter series, Dean Radin also holds a deep respect for the world of traditional academia. 📚 In fact, he has worked extensively in academia. With a Master's degree in electrical engineering and a Ph.D in psychology, Dean is well-versed in the scientific method. In the show, he states that with Real Magic, he set out to write a book that would have "the credible backing that one expects in the academic world," while still being interesting enough to engage the average reader. 🤓 Spoiler alert: he succeeded!

When we consider that our current realities of phone calls, FaceTime, and pharmaceuticals were all once just figments of someone's imagination, it's easy to see that what we call magic today could easily be reality tomorrow. 👾

Join me with Dean Radin as we discuss the nature of consciousness, science, and real magic in episode 105 of Golden Otter Divinations.


  • How to look at life through a different, more imaginative lens 🧐

  • The difference between fake magic, fictional magic, and real magic 🔮

  • How "magic" 🧙‍♀️ transitioned into "science" 🧪 — but with one core ingredient missing: consciousness 🧠

  • The three main categories of magic: divination, force of will, and theurgy ✨

  • Flagrantly psychic robots 🤖

  • "Big C" consciousness and "little c" consciousness and what — if anything — separates the two 👥

  • What it looks like to view magic as an expansion (not a replacement) of our current scientific understanding and way of thinking ⚖️

  • And more!

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You can learn more about the Institute of Noetic Sciences where Dean is currently the Chief Scientist by visiting their website, To learn more about Dean Radin's background, biography, and books, check out his website,

I'd love to hear from you about your experiences with magic! Have you read Dean Radin's book? 📖 Do you have any other book recommendations about how magic and science work together with each other?

Be sure to let me know in the comments below what resonated with you from this episode 💖and don't forget to connect over on Instagram @goldenotterdivinations!

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