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Hello beautiful!

I’m Autumn

You are a spiritual being

having a human experience

and I'm here to help you

manifest a life you love.

New to Golden Otter Divinations® or our members only Lunar Manifestations Moon Circle?

If so, I'd like to share something I am releasing with love as a spiritual being having a human experience.

Wanna be a DESIRE MAGNET? 🧲

I'm not talking about small longings...I'm talking huge, life-changing money-making💸, time-saving, jaw-dropping desires! 😲 🧲⚡I AM A MAGNET FOR MY DESIRES; here's how I know. 👩🏻‍🏫A few years ago, after a decade in the classroom as a professional educator I made the hard choice to leave behind my career in education when my second daughter was born. In the summer of 2015 I looked at district after district for a teaching position in the greater Washington D.C., Northern Virginia and Maryland area where I could commute easily while my active duty Army spouse was on deployment or otherwise away from home serving our country.

Popping into principals office after principals office 5 months pregnant having just returned from our last overseas post in Asuncion, Paraguay I had the gnawing realization that I would be spending more money on daycare for my newborn and 3 year old than I would make as a high school social studies teacher with over a decade of professional qualifications under my belt.

🥊Talk about a gut punch!

The career I had given my life to...

The daily interactions with students that I loved...

The nights grading papers written by idealistic high schoolers...

and all the identity aspects that filled me with light because I got to teach the bright-eyed leaders of tomorrow day in and day out was no longer a viable option to support our growing family.

💔I was heartbroken. My career as an educator and my spouse's service to our country had finally reached their natural conclusion of walking profitably hand in hand (I guess I forgot to mention that I went into teaching because moving from one new military assignment to the next as a teacher seemed more realistic than a Human Rights Lawyer for the UN which was my initial "dream job" out of college). 🤰While I waited for baby girl #2 to arrive, I started to dream about what it might feel like to be able to teach from anywhere in the world... about the things that interested me most like mediumship, manifestation, moons and yes, all things metaphysical! 🏖I played around with the idea in my mind while I watched my 3 year old play in the sand. 🧸I toyed around with the logistics of it while organizing the toy room each night after a day of play. 💤And eventually I stopped dreaming about it and started turning it into my reality. Now, before I get ahead of myself... All things Golden Otter Divinations® didn't manifest over night. But it did come to fruition season by season as the intentions I planted from one new moon to the next started to sprout in abundant ways I'd only ever dreamed of. 👩🏻‍💻In total transparency- It was a lot of hard work and many long nights typing on my keyboard, writing rituals, podcast scripts, and sending emails back and forth the the U.S. Patent and Trade Office... where the librarian who helped me trademark Golden Otter Divinations laughed out loud when she saw the name and said "too funny! The otter 🦦 is MY spirit animal! 🚘 It was weekend trips to Metaphysical trade shows where I would do private readings, weekly development circles where I developed and fine tuned my mediumship and private training sessions with

some of the worlds leading psychic mediums. 👩🏻‍💼All this while "normaling" by day in my Corporate America curriculum development job that I manifested to help me support our growing family and build my dream of having my own company while also "mommying" by night nursing a baby and chasing a toddler.

I was harried, hurried, and unfulfilled.

I was building the career and lifestyle I wanted but it wasn't happening fast enough and I was headed for burnout.

I needed a change and I needed it FAST!

So... I took my own medicine. 💊 I did my own rituals. I TRUSTED the moon, and my mediumship practice and my ability to manifest instantly and effortlessly. At the Taurus New Moon in May 2018 my husband and I planted a list in our wish garden 🌱for all of the things we desired in our next assignment (which was still 2 years out from even being a possibility). I tended the list and pruned anything I didn't feel in alignment with for the next 3 moons. And in August of 2018 we got unexpected orders to... AFRICA! An assignment and location that we literally never dreamed possible!

✈️ Filled with excitement but anxious for such a sudden and course-altering change, I let the moon be my guide as I planted and harvested my micro and macro intentions right up until the moment we touched down in Africa less than a year from the day we planted (literally planted) our wish garden. From the moment we landed in Africa every single thing I'd ever had on my "someday" bucket list became an available option almost overnight. 📅 The Taurus New Moon in 2018 was when I started to fully trust my ability to manifest a life I loved at scale rather than wishing and waiting for little things to manifest- like parking spots and pay raises, which I got good at manifesting during those Corporate America years. A year later the Universe had provided in ways I never expected. All my dreams had manifested: a big garden, time and geographic freedom in my career and more time with the kids, our fur baby and my husband. And... did I mention the whole part about getting PAID to move to and live in Africa!?! 🐘 🌙 Using the cycles of the moon in my manifestation practice has been life-changing. That's why I started the Lunar Manifestations Moon Circle, an e-course and membership that teaches anyone to manifest using the natural cycle of the moon. I want to help YOU step into your power, connect with your loved ones in spirit, and build your confidence to manifest your desires by harnessing the energy of the lunar cycle to enjoy a life you love where things begin to happen for you instead of to you.


Belonging to a group that supports your spiritual learning & personal growth in a confidential and judgment-free zone.

🌱Manifesting a life that happens for you instead of to you using the law of attraction.

Raising your vibration and experiencing more compassion, positivity, and empathy.

🔗Strengthening your intuition while connecting with your loved ones in spirit/angels/guides/master teachers.

Syncing up with the Universe so that your journey starts to feel like a process of Divine unfoldment, NOT an out-of-control joyride on the highway of life!

If you're ready to get serious about manifesting your wildest dreams, come check out Lunar Manifestations. We only open enrollment during the New Moon, so get on the waitlist today! Click here to get on the waitlist and we'll give you a shout when doors are open. I can't wait to see you in the Moon Circle!


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In gratitude,


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