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Hunters and Gatherers in the Modern Age: A Metaphysical Look at Hunting, Conservation, and Food

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Do you know where your food comes from?

Do you ever think about the multiple energy exchanges that happen along the way of planting, hunting, and purchasing food for your family?

Following the path the food on my family table takes has become a daily part of my life as a mother as I aim to provide the most nutritious, bioavailable foods for my growing family. Growing up in Alaska where we lived a hybrid subsistence meets modern lifestyle, my family often knew the exact land our vegetables were grown, the cows our milk came from and the forests our animal products foraged. As I now live outside Alaska, unable to rely on my childhood routine for food procurement I decided to invite my outdoor enthusiast brother Austin Manelick, onto the show to discuss what it means to be a hunter and gatherer in the modern age. 🌾 Austin is a passionate hunter and is the founder of Mission Alaska, as well as an advisory committee member of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. 🎣

It's no secret that our human ancestors lived a "hunter and gatherer" lifestyle, but for many spiritually-minded people today, the thought of hunting a wild animal can make you feel uneasy. Even my brother and I have had our disagreements in the past about this subject! 🙊 However (as we talk about during the episode), Austin provides a lot of education on how hunters and fishers contribute a significant amount of money to conservation efforts that help to preserve public lands, forests, water sources, and other natural resources for future generations. 🌳 If you have ever felt an urge to return to ancestral ways of hunting and gathering your food from the wild, Austin has the information to help you get started.

We also discuss the importance of knowing your food sources. 🍎 Even if you are unable to hunt, gather, or grow your own food (it can be difficult in today's modern society!), there are small steps that everyone can take to be more conscious and mindful about food purchase and consumption. 🍽️

In this episode of Golden Otter Divinations, Austin and I are talking about hunting, wildlife conservation, and knowing our food sources. 🌿


  • What it means to be a hunter and gatherer in the modern age 🍓

  • How to start hunting wherever you are (even in urban areas!) 🏹

  • Tips to be more conscious about food purchasing and meat consumption habits 🥩

  • All about the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and how these policies restore and safeguard wildlife 🦅

  • Ways we can preserve our uniquely human heritage as hunters and gatherers (even if we completely evolve away from hunting) 🚵

  • My fascination with Sasquatch 🐾

  • And more! 👀

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You can learn more about Austin's hunting adventures and his mission to "make the outdoors cool" by visiting his website, You can also follow him on Instagram @mission_alaska, where he is documenting his Alaskan lifestyle one adventure at a time.

I'd love to hear from you about your wildlife experiences! Do you enjoy hunting and fishing, or are you more of a gatherer? Do you grow your own food?

Be sure to let me know in the comments below what resonated with you from this episode 💖and don't forget to connect over on Instagram @goldenotterdivinations!

With love and light,


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