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Lunar Manifestations: How to Manifest Anything by the Cycles of the Moon

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Hello beautiful!

I’m Autumn

You are a spiritual being

having a human experience

and I'm here to help you

manifest a life you love.

Are you ready to step into your dream life here in the physical?

Do you want to learn how to manifest anything, using the natural lunar cycles calendar?

Manifesting your deepest dreams and desires doesn't need to be a mystery. By learning how to work with the yin and yang energy of the moon and her cycles, you can learn how to manifest anything for the highest good of all concerned.

As you learn to connect to your Higher Consciousness, you will begin identifying your deep desires and establishing an inner intimacy on a soul level that will allow you share your authentic self with the world. You will deepen your relationships, identify new opportunities and ways of being while connecting to your own soul's purpose. By using New Moon and Full Moon rituals to set intentions and monitor your desires, you will find yourself co-creating with the Divine and manifesting the life you've always dreamed of.

In this episode of Golden Otter Divinations I take a deep dive into my book Lunar Manifestations: A Medium's Guide to Manifesting by the Cycles of the Moon.


  • What the lunar cycle is and how it connects to manifestation 🌕

  • Each of the 8 phases of the lunar cycle and how to work with them in conjunction with your intention setting practice 🌘🌑🌒

  • The differences between Yin and Yang energies ☯️

  • What mediumship and the moon have in common with each other 🔮

  • How you can use the moon to supercharge your Law of Attraction game 🤩

  • The reason why New Moon and Full Moon rituals really work 💫

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Now that you've learned how to manifest, it's time to start making some big magic in your life! Are you ready to start manifesting your dreams now?

Get your FREE toolkit for manifesting throughout the Lunar Cycle HERE!

I'd love to hear from you about your lunar manifestation journey!

Be sure to let me know in the comments below what resonated with you from this episode 💖and don't forget to connect over on Instagram @goldenotterdivinations!

With love and light,


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