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The Librarian Sex Story...

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👆The actual text I sent to my Business Integrator when we were putting this blog post together.

So if you just read the "They Called Me Crazy..." post where I was kicking the door off the hinges and coming out of the spiritual closet swinging (which got me all fired up about all the reasons why Lightworkers stay in hiding for so long) then here is a story that will make you laugh or maybe just chortle a little.

[ A chortle is that thing that happens when we sort of snort as we chuckle… you know the sound… you’re probably trying to mimic it right now… BUT I DIGRESS!] 🙅‍♀️

Back to the story...📖

💁When I firstcame out as a medium people used to ask me to tell them about my readings all the time. And I have to admit, I was probably a bit of a let down in that regard because I grew up watching my mom see patients in her internal medicine office in Palmer, Alaska and always took the Hippocratic oath (and the HIPPA warnings plastered all over her office) very seriously to do no harm to patients. Which most certainly included always protecting their right to privacy and facilitating their ability to be anonymous whenever possible.

🤔Or maybe it’s my inner Alaskan, that was short on offering up “the goods,” as they say because the pioneers that call the Last Frontier home tend to be more reserved in nature and less prone to gossip or idle chit chat: cause it seems everyone knows everyone in a state of only 730,000…

Either way, sharing the details of a private client session or “reading” as they are called is NOT something I do without asking for permission or obscuring any identifying details about a person or the events gleaned during a reading (Plus, I tend to forget the contents of most readings almost as soon as they happen anyways!)

Same goes with the members area of the Lunar Manifestations Moon Circle. What is said or experienced in the circle, stays in the circle, unless the individual themselves desires to share their experience externally. We do our best to follow the Golden Rule of doing unto others as we’d have them due unto us in the circle.

Check out our code of conduct 👉here. 👀

So, with that disclaimer, here is the longer version of the text above that I am HAPPY to share as the woman who I gave the reading to was kind enough to write me the most beautiful thank you note that she carried in her purse for 6 months(!) before we bumped into each other again when she gave it to me and validated every message I gave her that night.

Ok, now where to begin? So from 2015 to 2019 when we lived in the Washington D.C. area, our growing family of 3 then 4 would go to the Sunday night service at a little Metaphysical chapel where oftentimes only a handful of people would show up.

🚗Over the years we would see the same folks from time to time, usually months apart, but this wasn’t like the Sunday School and Sermon note taking kind of church I attended growing up. It wasn’t like most churches where you knew everyone’s whole life story OR at least where they worked and some general life facts about them or their family. 👪

This was a come from time to time, check in here and there kind of spiritual community.

🤷Anyways, with that background, I’d only met Ms. Library briefly once or twice in passing at church but we had never held any type of long conversation as I was either waddling up the chapel steps many months pregnant 🤰with my youngest daughter and handing out crayons to my toddler to keep her engaged during the service or gathering my growing girls from rushing out to the 🧚angel garden after the service once they were both walking and talking faster than I could keep up.

🌞On a warm spring night in 2017, the reverend at the church gave what is called an “all message service” and gave Ms. Library a brief message of consolation on the recent passing of her partner. On that particular night I happened to be at the service by myself and as soon as the reverend went to give Ms. Library a message I felt the presence of a robust man sitting to my right on the pew (which was pressed up against the wall on that side, so no one with a pulse could have quietly slid in beside me). As I listened to the reverend give Ms. Library the message of HOPE and condolence, I felt a gentle nudge on my right from the Spirit trying to get my attention. It wasn’t a physical touch, so much as a “pssst… I wanna talk… you got a second?

😄This type of “stuff” is a normal part of my life, where if I am open to receiving a message that needs to be delivered and I am the right medium to deliver the message, then a well intentioned Spirit is able to find me when they need me. In this case, as I was in church, I did what most of us do during a church service when someone is trying to get our attention:

We give them the “yeah ok, sure we can talk… later…” look.

And by “look” in this case, I mean to say I communicated with the Spirit of this man using clairvoyance as to say “catch me in the parking lot and I’ll take your message, but not now dude, we’re in church and this sweet woman just lost her partner.

Now at the time, I did not realize who the Spirit was. I just knew they were a very strong and clear communicator with a fun sense of humor. 🙄I figured they’d ping me on the drive home and I’d give the message to someone the next day or in the coming weeks as sometimes I will get a message from Spirit days or weeks before it’s meant to be delivered, just waiting for Divine timing to unfold to provide both the sitter and myself the most opportune moment to connect.

💁With that, the energy of the man's Spirit started to fade and the church service went on. An hour later in the parking lot and dozens of messages to other service attendees later, I had all but forgotten about the man who wanted me to deliver a message for him. Which for the record I NEVER 🙅‍♀️ do without permission by a sitter, cause you’ll never catch me doing a “knock and shock” or giving an unsolicited reading because I equate that to opening someone’s mail without their permission and then proceeding to read them the balance of their credit card statements, the pregnancy announcement of their friend or letter of contrition from their long lost family member.

🚶‍♀️As I walked to my car I was stopped by another church goer who was wondering where my daughters and husband happened to be that night and as I shared what they were up to Ms. Library came walking by to get into her car. As soon as she lifted her head and we made eye contact, the man whose Spirit sat next to me in church whispered in my ear “please you need to give her this message now. She really needs this message now” and it struck me that the Spirit was that of her recently departed boyfriend.

I felt immediate resistance 🚧 and told the man (via clairaudience and claircognizance) that it was too soon for her to get another message as the reverend had just given her one. He and I had a little back and forth about the vagueness of the message she received and I conceded at his urging that I could see the pain in her eyes as we held eye contact while shuffling aside to open our car doors.

I told the man, as I do with every Spirit I channel for:

Ok, I’ll do it, but you have to load the bases so I just have to run around the plates to home.” This is my way of setting boundaries with interloping Spirits that are requesting I deliver a message outside of my normal “working hours” and a way to make SURE the message is as clear and concise as possible seeing as the sitter hasn’t come to me for a scheduled session and things are happening ⚾️“on the fly” ⚾️ so to speak.

With that, the messages for Ms. Library came flooding through! One minute I was looking into the eyes of a sweet, soft spoken, mild mannered librarian and the next I was hot under the collar realizing the passion that this same woman invoked from her boyfriend before his passing. 💋

As she went to get in her car she inquired where my “babies” and husband were that night and we started casually chatting. As she was recalling her own brief moments of solitude as a mother with young children we started joking about the journey of womanhood and I could see her shoulders loosen and a smile form on her face. 😊

👭She started to share how she had just found the love of her life after many years as a single mom with an adult child and how this brief love affair had given her hope that she would not live in solitude in her golden years. She said she’d been swept off her feet and romanced in a way she NEVER imagined possible in this lifetime.

And it all suddenly hit me 😳 why her boyfriend had chosen me to give her the message and not one of the other more seasoned or well known mediums that attended the chapel regularly.

I happened to have a lexicon to interpret his message in a way no one else could. 🙏

I could easily understand the Divine Feminine nature of the message he wanted to convey to her.

So, that’s when I decided to tell this sweet librarian that she had given her boyfriend the ride 🎢of his life (quite literally!) in his final months.

Now, I know what you’re thinking- and no! I did not “see” anything via clairvoyance- so get yer head outta the gutter, this isn’t that kind of story! 🙄

💖But I did feel the passion that this man and woman had for each other and the level of deep intimacy that they shared during their enrapturing time together as LOVERS. And that was what this man wanted me to share with his girlfriend who was heartbroken at his passing.

He literally wanted me to tell her that she “stopped his heart from beating” and it was the BEST GIFT she could have ever given him. He felt like the luckiest man on the planet to have been in love with and to have been loved by her.

He showed me all the playful ways they engaged each other intellectually, and intrigued each other’s natural curiosities.

He showed me how she became ✨illuminated✨ in her Divine Feminine form when she stripped back the layers of her identity as a mother and local librarian- and yes, her clothing too!

Because, after all, he wanted me to share with her how intoxicating he found her as he knew I may be the last person to be able to communicate how ravishing her beauty, body and essence were to him while it was all still fresh in her thoughts and knowing.

Now, this was by far and away one of, if not the most intimate readings I have ever delivered to someone, let alone in a church parking lot.

But what has always stayed with me about this reading is the way our loved ones in Spirit are so eager and able to communicate clearly and concisely when it is needed the most by the living.

Good communicators are always looking for a medium who will have the best lexicon to relay their message as too many people are unaware or actively suppress their natural ability to channel messages. This means there are far more messages to be delivered than willing mediums who have strong personal and protective boundaries to deliver them with discernment.

So, I guess that’s where you come into this story...

Maybe you’ve delivered a message or two yourself, but don’t have the confidence to do it consistently.

Or maybe you just want to be able to touch in with your own loved ones from time to time, exploring the wisdom they have to share with you.

Either way, we all have mediumship abilities. It is just a matter of developing and nurturing them in a safe and supportive environment to get you from fear to fun when sharing a message with confidence and clarity. 🌙 Using the cycles of the moon in my manifestation practice has been life-changing, but it has also helped me hone my mediumship skills so that I know how, when and where to give messages clearly and to the people who need them most. That's why I started the Lunar Manifestations Moon Circle, an e-course and membership that teaches anyone to manifest using the natural cycle of the moon while learning new ways to connect to your loved ones in Spirit (and channel for others if you so choose).

I want to help YOU step into your power, connect with your loved ones in spirit, and build your confidence to manifest your desires by harnessing the energy of the lunar cycle to enjoy a life you love where things begin to happen for you instead of to you.


Belonging to a group that supports your spiritual learning & personal growth in a confidential and judgment-free zone.

🌱Manifesting a life that happens for you instead of to you using the law of attraction.

Raising your vibration and experiencing more compassion, positivity, and empathy.

🔗Strengthening your intuition while connecting with your loved ones in spirit/angels/guides/master teachers.

Syncing up with the Universe so that your journey starts to feel like a process of Divine unfoldment, NOT an out-of-control joyride on the highway of life!

If you're ready to get serious about cultivating your natural mediumship abilities consider joining the Lunar Manifestations moon circle. We only open enrollment during the New Moon, so click here to get on the waitlist and we'll give you a shout when doors are open. I can't wait to see you in the Moon Circle!

In gratitude,

P.S. Oh, and yes, she really did stop his heart… as in he suffered a heart attack while they were intimate and had to be taken to the hospital where he later passed.

While this may seem morbid to share, it’s important to know that just because our loved ones transition to the other side of life, they don’t lose their identifying characteristics or sense of humor. And in this case, Ms. Library actually laughed when I said “you stopped his heart from beating” because unbeknownst to me they had just wrapped up another world wind love making session before he collapsed while she was dressing.

When I apologized saying I had no idea how he had passed or the details of the moments after, she said “oh, no one does! I can’t exactly say to most people he had just finished chasing me around the bedroom when his heart had had too much!”

As I got in my jeep to head home I had one final moment with her boyfriend when a comment Ms. Library made about feeling guilty she didn’t act quicker when she noticed he was in pain started to make sense. She said she had so much guilt that it took her a few minutes to call for an ambulance because she couldn’t find her clothing and delayed his access to care by a few minutes. I reassured her as anyone would that she did her absolute best in a pressing situation and he wanted her to know that.

She had done everything right in that moment as far as he was concerned and he truly was so happy to have “gone out” exactly as he did, when he did, where he did.

Now what she didn’t know is that he’d hidden her clothes because he liked to see her take her time getting dressed!

Now that made this medium chortle :)


P.S.S- Here is the text from the thank you note she wrote me and carried in her purse for six months to deliver to me as she didn’t have my mailing address. I'll post a photo of it in the members area of the Lunar Manifestations Moon Circle.


Yesterday you gave me such a wonderful gift of contact with [my boyfriend]. Over the past few weeks I have had gifts of messages and kindness bestowed on me, but your vision and knowing was beyond anyone else…

You spoke of the fluidity of love and I accepted this as part of him… Now, whenever I need reassurance that he is with me, he sends me signs like clusters of blooming violets, songs, feathers in unexpected places (even an owl feather representing his Native American heritage) and touches on my waist, head, and heart as well as a calm sense of comfort (even in my grief). Most incredibly a necklace was returned to me in the most miraculous way that unbeknownst to me had been taken to be repaired…

You truly have a beautiful gift Autumn. My sadness was lifted as I wanted to share him with you. You knew his thoughts, feelings, and I could hear him as you spoke. All I could hear was love. You gave me great comfort."

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