Download the Libra New Moon Ritual to activate your natural spiritual gifts and manifest a life you love!


And maybe enjoy a few olives while you're at it… It’s time to fulfill those desires too:)


In a world increasingly focused on solo adventures, individual pursuits and independent women (and men), when one person can do it all alone why bother depending on a partnership? 


During the last lunar cycle we started owning every part of our lived experience, sharing authentically and unabashedly what makes each of us a unique spark of Divine source. This month the new moon in Libra encourages us to couple up and usher in a spirit of partnership and cooperation. As the sign of balance, Libra ensures that opposites positively attract with a ritual for drawing in new romantic love or improving the intimate relationship we are already in by fulfilling all our desires. 


With love, light and a spark of fire,

Libra New Moon

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