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Download the Pisces New Moon Ritual to activate your natural spiritual gifts and manifest a life you love!


We tend to die the way we lived…


What if you are a spiritual being having a human experience and by activating your autonomy and personal power here in the physical you could eventually choose your transition experience in the most beautiful and peace filled way possible? 


As the final sign of the zodiac, the energy of a Pisces lunation can find us in a vulnerable place if our personal boundaries aren’t being respected or our beliefs are being questioned. Rather than fall victim to the prevailing viewpoints in our social spheres or allow others to take advantage of our compassionate nature, this moon’s ritual will fortify our aura’s by anchoring in power and confidence that we are in the driver seat of our lives to decide our final destination. 


With love, light and a license to live long and prosperously,


Warning: This ritual is not advocating, intending to glorify or otherwise encourage any form of unnatural death. This ritual seeks to examine life choices that lead us to a place of final rest at the culmination of our lives natural end. Suicide is an unnatural way of ending a life’s journey here in the physical and places our souls in a space of reflection that is not always of the highest and best for an individual or their soul group/family of origin. If you or someone you love is considering suicide please seek help via the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by calling 1-800-273-8255 (open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or utilizing the confidential chat feature and know that all my love, thoughts and prayers are with you. You have a gift to share with this world. You matter. You are not alone. 


Pisces New Moon Ritual

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