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Download the Virgo Full Moon Ritual to activate your natural spiritual gifts and manifest a life you love!


Creating an interior microbiome that reflects our exterior megabiomes…


If when planted in fertile soil a seed has all the potential within it to grow into its maximum potential, does it stand to reason the same is true of the expression of the soul in the lived human experience? 


With the full moon in Virgo, the sign that exposes our tenderness, purity and innocence, we will pause to examine how Kirlian photography can illuminate the vibrancy of life around us and expose the evolution of our internal and external environments. Then we will ask our bodies what we can do for them as they do more for us than we may even realize! Much like the hidden seeds buried within Mother Earth’s soil that give way to precious shoots that suddenly sprout from the ground, this months ritual is a reminder that new and vibrant life will always spring forth when given half a chance. 


With love, light and a spattering of bamboo, orchids and succulents surrounding me,

Virgo Full Moon Ritual

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