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Amalia, Business Owner

Hey there gorgeous friend! I was just reading the latest new moon ritual post smiling at the magic you're creating for us! I love the rituals you share and am honored to be a part of this journey together. Just thought I'd share a little love.

My phone butt dialed you, but I had to share the story. I was totally thinking of you when I heard ringing on my phone in my pocket. I was thinking of you because I set my intention last month to have a specific sales figure for July and each day, I feel like I’m reeling because I am sooooo close already and it’s not the end of the month yet!!! How do I do this year round?! lol

Bonnie, Business Owner

Be part of the


Autumn, Lunar Manifestations is such a vibrant and positive space with beautiful bi-monthly new & full moon rituals, ceremonies and so much more for us to explore! You clearly have a gift for mediumship and how to teach others to use it in their own lives as well. 

Lunar Manifestations is perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced spiritual seekers as you meet each of us exactly where we are with our intuition and spiritual gifts. 

Your health coaching certification, mediumship training and teaching background bring theory to life!

Brian, Clairvoyant Medium

Autumn! I can’t THANK YOU enough for being such a powerful driving force in my business and in life!!! You are truly my soul sister. I am so grateful that God matched me with you to help us both manifest our dreams!


I am holding back tears as I write this because you inspire me everyday. I can literally feel our bright, abundant futures now! We deserve every bit of success that is waiting for us.

Adrienne, Education Consultant

Hi! I asked you for career advice a while ago. How are you doing? I know it’s been a while, but I just wanted to update you and thank you again. I’ve been given a guaranteed transfer option to Cornell, so after graduating this spring, I’ll spend a year at Rutgers Honors then transfer to Cornell!

The advice you gave me last year was so wonderful- even just having a professional adult who let me know I was going to be alright was so encouraging. I have a vision board in my bedroom right now:)

Audrey, College Student

 Dreams do come true! Here is my lunar manifestation thanks to you: I sold my car to the perfect buyer for the perfect price!

Michelle, Teacher

Autumn, in just an hour of conversation you shifted the way I viewed the world and what happens after we pass on. Thank you for the time we spent together and thank you for taking the time to connect me with my sister. You put my mind at ease and have helped me understand that I can manifest a life that happens for me instead of two me by knowing my twin sister is at peace.

Cynthia, Montessori Teacher

Autumn, Yesterday you gave me such a wonderful gift of contact with [my boyfriend]. Over the past few weeks I have had gifts of messages and kindness bestowed on me, but your vision and knowing was beyond anyone else…


You spoke of the fluidity of love and I accepted this as part of him… Now, whenever I need reassurance that he is with me, he sends me signs like clusters of blooming violets, songs, feathers in unexpected places (even an owl feather representing his Native American heritage) and touches on my waist, head, and heart, as well as a calm sense of comfort (even in my grief). Most incredibly a necklace was returned to me in the most miraculous way that unbeknownst to me had been taken to be repaired .


You truly have a beautiful gift Autumn. My sadness was lifted as I wanted to share him with you. You knew his thoughts, feelings, and I could hear him as you spoke. All I could hear was love. You gave me great comfort.

Mary Anne, Librarian

Was I just 'ready'? Was it just the 'right time' for me? I don't know. But here's what I do know. Participating in Autumn Seibel's New Moon Intention Setting Ceremony had big impact on me, my work and therefore my life.


It started with her open-hearted authentic generous offering. It continued with her loving acceptance of my tentative orientation towards something like this. Judgment free, gently and quietly guiding me to light the candle, say a blessing of my own making and then breathe and feel for my four Intentions [Health, Wealth, Love, Perfect Self-Expression].


I am familiar with Intentions work, indeed I teach it myself. But with Autumn, I breathed and gave myself over, allowing myself to be the student (not something that comes easily to me). When I did, the four intentions came quickly, easily and with power.


The Perfect Self-Expression Intention so strong, so powerful that it has lasted, still lasting today; deeply embedded and serving me minute by minute (since I speak publicly so frequently). That one feels permanence, not passing with one cycle of the moon, but rather rising and setting like the moon, daily, for always. 

I can not say how highly I recommend this simple ceremony! Working with Autumn is a pleasure, moving and empowering! Thank you Autumn, for a gift that continues to serve me. I am indebted. 

Susan, CCP, Coach, Author, Podcast Host, Speaker 


Divine Spirit, I open myself to the flow of increased prosperity in my life.

I surrender all limitation and doubt which act as a barrier to the acceptance of my birthright of universal abundance for myself and all with whom I am united in this intent. 

Increase for us by all positive means the expression of our Divine inheritance.

I come now in strength to produce in me and for all the unexpected abundance made possible. 

Assist us as we fulfill our purpose by the combined energy of our united intention.

So it shall be now, and forevermore.